Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Real-Time Motion Capture in Blender at last!

NI Mate is software that imports Kinect motion capture data in real-time into 3D apps and they've announced that Blender is the first application that they're supporting. When I was working on the aborted Panda Puppet project several years ago I realized that one of the things Blender really needed in order to become a practical and effective tool for digital puppetry was a straight forward method of accepting motion capture data in real-time, so I think this is very exciting news and long overdue!

It should be really interesting to see what people start doing with this new capability in Blender. 

NI Mate is now available in open beta for both Windows and Mac OS X (Linux support is coming soon). You can register to participate in the beta and download all of the necessary software at

Via BlenderNation.

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