Friday, March 02, 2007

Wii Power Glove Controller

A little over year ago I was speculating about using the old NES Power Glove to perform digital puppetry. I haven't heard of anyone doing that just yet, but someone in Japan has hacked together a custom controller using the Wii remote and an old NES Powerglove. The modded glove has specially mounted triggers on the thumb and middle finger to simulate the A and B buttons and an opening for the wii attachment in the back. It seems to work really well, you can see it in action in the clip above. More pics and details are available at Slash Gear.

The obvious digital puppetry application for this would be to make Machinima on the Wii and since so many people have already hacked the Wii remote to use it on their PCs, with a little technical know-how you could really start to have some fun with this thing.

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