Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What you can't do in Machinima (for now)

This animation test above is a fantastic example of pose-to-pose animation (even if it is a "test") from Pixar. As I've mentioned many times here before, one of the inherent limitations of Machinima as it exists today is that the available authoring tools are really unintuitive and don't allow for much expression. Even the best examples of Machinima puppeteering like the ILL Clan's Trash Talk With ILL Will - which won a Mackie for best virtual performance at 2006 Machinima Awards - are ridiculously crude compared to what most puppeteers and animators can do.

I also like this fantastic clip from Aardman. It's done with Claymation of course, but it's so simple there is no reason something very similar couldn't be done in real-time. There is absolutely no reason high-quality animation work can't be done in real-time. The only problems is that a) you need fast enough hardware to render enough polygons on screen and b) there aren't simplified tools that allow you to create great performances.

All it takes is a little money to solve the first problem and, well, I'm working on the second.

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