Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Machinima.com Gets Techcrunched

Machinima.com logo

Techcrunch - one of the web's leading tech industry blogs - has an interesting post about Machinima.com today talking about the huge audience numbers the website has been racking up; 2.3 billion video views last year (350 million in of them in December alone)and over 45 million unique visitors. The article also mentions that Machinima.com has over 90 staff in L.A. producing their various online shows every week.

Part of the article that will especially warm the hearts of longtime Machinima creators is this:

He (Machinima.com owner Allen DeBevoise) tried to raise money back then (in 2005) but the audience was seen as too niche, maybe 5 million people if Machinima was lucky. Clearly everyone underestimated what was brewing here.

I think that's a huge understatement. Machinima isn't quite mainstream yet, but these numbers prove that it's already taken off as a medium in a very big way.

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