Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Panda Puppet: Head Control Test #3

Another Panda Puppet head control test; this time I wanted to experiment by mapping controls to a pre-existing character rigged for conventional animation so I used a fun looking mouse character created by a Blender user named "Clean3D" (the original mouse rig can be downloaded here). In the video I first demonstrate some very basic actions and then show how they can be mixed together to create different types of movements and expressions. I couldn't get as much control out of the rig as I would have liked, simply because the way it was build isn't ideal for Panda Puppet, but it still turned out pretty well.

Mouse rendered using real-time graphics

Of course these real-time graphics leave something to be desired. I am still working on the programming that will record real-time performances to Blender animation, but here's what a final render of the real-time frame above would look like:

Final Mouse render

Not too bad. Thanks again to Clean3D for the great Mouse rig!

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