Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Panda Puppet migrating to Blender

A screenshot of Blender in action.

Just a quick update for those who have expressed interest in the Panda Puppet digital puppetry application (see previous post)...after some careful consideration I've decided to migrate the project away from Panda 3d to the Blender Game Engine instead. I've been very impressed with the latest version of Blender and I'll be using a Blender-based pipeline for a couple of projects I have coming up so it only made sense to make the switch. Blender also enjoys a much wider user and developer base (numbering about 250,000 people I believe) so that's a nice added benefit as well.

I'm probably still a few months away from assembling a decent working Panda Puppet script, but when I do you'll see it here.

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