Thursday, January 19, 2012

Machinima vs. Anymation

Have you heard of "Anymation"?

The term first emerged a few years ago as way of classifying the work of digital creators who were willing to embrace any and all available tools in order to express themselves digitally. It was originally coined by Croatian animation artist Tom Jantol and seems to have emerged during online debates over what does and doesn't constitute Machinima.

From Tom's Anymation Manifesto:
What, then, is Anymation? And where does it fit into this multi-faceted world of Computer Generated Imagery?

Quite simply, Anymation is the embracing of any and all available tools in order to create a digital expression. The spirit of Anymation is not a rejection of any one of the tool-centric genres, nor is it a desire to reform them. Rather, Anymation is a conscious decision to be LESS CONSCIOUS of the barriers typically seen between the different types of digital expression, coupled with a "renaissance man" kind of willingness to harness ANY available tool or method to create that expression.
So, essentially, Machinima is Anymation, but Anymation isn't necessarily Machinima.

I like the idea of using whatever tool you want to achieve the effect you need. That's really what Machin-X has always been about, the blending of technologies and techniques to create new and interesting work.

It's a brave new creative world.

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thebiz said...

What is Anymation? I am anymation...or at least I was that day. heheh.