Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Low Budget Real-Time Animation System

This is a very cool demonstration of a low-budget realtime animation system that Roland Dell'Mour developed for his diploma-thesis. The system uses Maya, PIE, a midi-motion-capture-server and several other tools. The neat-looking controllers are Saitek Cyborg EVO joysticks with game pads attached. I use Cyborg EVOs myself now for digital puppetry and I like them a lot.


saroj said...

Hi all,

I am very much new to this motion capture stuffs.
I need to know the budget for making a basic animation studio setup with all equipments & hardware needed for making low budget animations possible.

If anyone can guide me in this will be of great help

Thanks in advance

Andrew said...

Probably your best and cheapest option right now is to buy an Xbox Kinect and work with Brekel Kinect, which is free software that will let you capture .bvh files. If you already have a PC with a good graphics card you can get started for under $200 US.

Once you get comfortable with the basic technology, you can always upgrade to more expensive gear and software if necessary later.

Visit the Brekel Kinect site at