Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Brian Windsor wins Innovation Award for Digital Puppetry

This is just a quick post to say congratulations to Brian Windsor, who won the Puppeteers of America Jim Henson Award for Innovation for his work in digital puppetry at the recent Puppet Rampage 2007 festival in St. Paul, MN. Awarded by Puppeteers of America biannually, The Jim Henson Award for Innovation is given to recognize "innovation in puppetry that is technological, dramaturgical or collaborative in nature".

Brian and I held an impromptu demo of Brian's impressive digital puppetry work and the still work-in-progress Panda Puppet system at Puppet Rampage last week and I got to know him a bit. He's a great guy who's doing really great work and his award is well-deserved.

Congrats Brian!

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