Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Henson debuts The Skrumps

The Skrumps is a new digital puppetry series from The Jim Henson Company.

The Jim Henson Company is developing a new animated property called The Skrumps, based on a line of colourful, monster-like toy characters created by artist John Chandler. The series is being produced using the Henson Digital Performance System and looks very promising. John Chandler, Skrumps puppeteer Victor Yerrid and Henson's head of Children's Programming Halle Stanford discuss The Skrumps and their development in the latest episode of the podcast.

The Skrumps debuted today in four new videos available at Yahoo! Kids for a limited time. Be sure to take a look!

Via The Muppet Newsflash.


13/01/07 Update: A behind-the-scenes video about the making of The Skrumps is now available on It's fairly short, but gives a basic overview of how their HDPS works and shows the performers in action.

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