Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turn a Mac in to a marionette

Digital puppetry usually involves using computers to create puppetry, but this may be the first example of actually turning a computer in to a puppet...the newer Mac Powerbooks are equipped with a Sudden Motion Sensor that detects if the computer has been dropped or is flying through the air. The purpose of the sensor is to minimize damage from impacts by locking down the Mac's hard drive if it's suddenly in motion, but since the sensor can be accessed via software with a little programming knowledge you can hack it and explore all kinds of interesting possibilities.

Andreas Nicolas Fischer
in Germany used this feature to turn his Powerbook in to a marionette for an art project. When the computer is swung a animated character on screen reacts with realistic physics to the movement. A build summary for the project is available on his web site along with some of the source code used for the project.

Thanks to Mike for the info!

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