Saturday, February 11, 2006

Gorillaz live @ the Grammys

Madonna shares the stage with the Gorillaz at the 2006 Grammy Awards.

Over at PuppetVision last Novemember, I featured a video of the animated "virtual band" Gorillaz performing live at the MTV Music Awards in Europe. Well, they've gone and taken this to the next level. Check out Gorillaz performing with Madonna live at the Grammy Awards last week. Especially cool is the part where Madonna walks behind Murdoc.

ILM is reportedly developing technology for a Gorillaz world tour in 2007. How much do you want to bet they'll be throwing some kind of digital puppetry technique in to the mix to allow for some wickedly-cool audience interaction? If they're not, they should be. In fact, as great as ILM is, if you ask me the Jim Henson Creature Shop should be all over this.

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