Saturday, January 14, 2006

Digital Fraggles?

Mathew Patrick Sullivan's fan rendering of Fraggle Rock's Red Fraggle (Red Fraggle © Jim Henson Productions).

Jim Henson Productions has announced plans for a Fraggle Rock movie. Speculation is that this will be similar to the original CBC/HBO series with the conventional Fraggle puppets in "Outer Space" (the show's term for the world outside Fraggle Rock), but gather together any rabid Fraggle fans and they'll instantly start speculating about puppets being replaced with pixels*.

Normally, I'd think that was a horrible idea, but after seeing some work-in-progress 3D fan art of Red Fraggle created by Mathew Sullivan in Maya I can't help wondering, what would a digital Fraggle Rock would be like?

Here's some pics of Mathew's model:
...after all, Henson has the technology.

*Note: I can't emphasize enough that the above images are fan art. Very little information has been released by Henson about the forthcoming Fraggle Rock movie and there is no indication that anything other than conventional puppets will be used.

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